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An Uphill Battle

It was a tough game for us against Dallas on Sunday. With all the injuries before and during the game, we knew we were going to find ourselves in an uphill battle. We had to stay in one personnel for most of the second half because of the injuries we had during the game. Add that into the Cowboys bringing back a lot of guys from injury and it made for a tough night for us.

Even with the injuries, we were still able to utilize the majority of our playbook. One of the only drawback was that we couldn’t use multiple personnel groupings to be able to keep the defense on their toes. It was a tough situation to navigate but I feel like our guys handled it as well as you could.

The injuries and weather really hampered us in being able to get the run game going. It put our guys up front in a tough situation to have to be in pass protection for a majority of the game. Ideally, you’d love to only have to throw the ball 15 times and then pound the rock the rest of the game. That just wasn’t the case this time around.

I’m really proud of the game Jamison had. He has such good hands and makes a lot of difficult catches look very easy. Good things happen when we get him the ball. Our hope is that we can get him the ball more and things will pay off for the offense as a whole.

Our offense has done a great job in the last couple of weeks of getting off to a fast start. A lot of that credit has to go to our coaches for having a great gameplan going into the game. We just have to find a way to carry that over to the second quarter and the second half. We need to find a good balance between game planning and adjusting on the fly so that we can continue to keep momentum all game long.