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Training Camp Has Started

It always different carrying pads for the first time in awhile but we will get used to it and be a little sharper. Football is a physical game so it’s important to practice that physicality and make sure you get enough reps at carrying your pads. Being physical and securing those blocks, securing the protections, that’s how games are won or lost.


Our defense is great and what stands out to me in their continuity.  Having played together for so many years, they know each other but they are also very talented. They are very sound group of professionals who don’t give up big plays because of mental errors or blown coverages. A good challenge to go up against in practice.


The offensive side of the ball is full of talent too. I can talk about Stefon Diggs all day but what I most like about him is that he loves football and loves to work. He is always excited to practice, he wants to compete, a very coachable guy. He has great hands, great quickness and agility, as well as the ability to track the ball in the air well. Just a seasoned veteran that understands the game. Everything you want in a wide receiver.


I love continuity on a football team, it’s very important and it’s not a luxury we have in the NFL these days. There is a lot of change year in and year out so I’ve come to accept that and understand that you can’t use that as an excuse. New players come in, like myself, we have to learn quickly and get caught up to speed. Developing continuity is key because it can really make the difference.


You always want good players around you and as a quarterback, I am dependant on everyone. This is the ultimate team game. Every play has its own conditions that need to be met for success. One might be dependant on the receiver getting open, the protection holding up, the running back doing his job. Everyone working together.