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The Real Deal

We’re still in the process of finding our identity for 2018. What do I do well, what does Coach Flip do well, what do our receivers do well and that is what camp is all about. So I don’t like like to say here is where we are because that’s not what camp is for. Camp is for developing that then obviously come game time we can measure that.    


The play book is the foundation of any offense so this off season I spent a lot of time studying but I also spent time working on my body, keeping my arm in shape, throwing all the time. Making sure I am ready to go for a long 16 game season and hopefully more. To be successful in this league you have to be strong in all phases of the game and that’s what I did.


My question coming in is how long do I sit back, watch and learn before I start asserting myself as the starting quarterback. I was trying to communicate in the spring that I was surprised by how much my teammates gave me that license to lead quickly. I thought they would want me to prove myself longer than I did, but they were very supportive. When I say I was welcomed by the team, I was accepted, I was given permission to lead. That’s where it didn’t take as long as I thought it would have. So that was a pleasant surprise.


At the end of the day the amount of money you make doesn’t give people the desire to suddenly follow you. I played on a team where I made the league minimum, was the starting quarterback and you better believe that I got to command and have a presence about me that guys want to follow. Regardless of what my contract says. If you’re a fake, your contract isn’t going to help you. You got to be the real deal no matter what.