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Successes and Failures

I try to be my biggest critic, which causes me to focus on my failures and where I need to get better. But you can never lose your confidence. You have to be your biggest fan. You have to believe in yourself and keep a positive mindset.


I was a high school kid who played on a freshman team and a JV team. I was once the 4th string quarterback at Michigan State, and I was even benched in Washington one time. The story gets reported and people might think that my journey was that of a typical blue chip recruit and first round pick, but that really wasn't me.


You have to have a certain degree of success to get to where I am. They wouldn't have brought me to Minnesota if success wasn't part of my journey. But adversity teaches you a great deal, hardens you, and strengthens you, and the successes you have are what gives you the confidence. As I look back on my years in the NFL, I certainly tend to remember the times I didn’t get it done. Those experiences will make me a better football player in the years ahead.


What is most important to me is that when I am done playing, my teammates look back and say “Kirk Cousins was the real deal, he was an outstanding teammate, he walked the walk and it was an honor to play with him." That's really what I am chasing after every day. To me, it's just as important as a Super Bowl ring and the best record in the league, but let’s try to get both. Skol!