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Stringing Together Complete Games

Things have been balanced on our team over the past couple of weeks. All three phases of the game have played well together in pushing us into getting solid wins. We’re really excited to see complete games coming in back to back weeks.

We’ve been so versatile on offense that it is hard to say who we are as an offense. It will definitely change from week to week based on how we match up with our opponent, who’s healthy on our team and what the play calls are. We are going to take whatever the defense leaves open for us. I’m never going to try to force things in the pass game, I’m simply going to go where my reads take me.

That was the case last week with the touchdown I threw to Josh Doctson on Sunday. I felt like Terrelle has worked himself open late in the play but he had a defensive back over the top of him. I looked over at Josh and thought I’d give him a chance even though he was well covered. It was a scary throw when it left my hand because I knew Raiders CB David Amerson had good ball skills. Josh had asked me earlier in the week to give him a chance and he didn’t let me down.

I can’t begin to say enough about the domination of our defense. I could not believe the success our guys had given how explosive the Raiders’ offense has been the past two years. I was so impressed with our defense on Sunday night as well as the fact that we’ve had three straight weeks of really good performances on defense. We are setting ourselves up to have a good season moving forward.