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Proud of Our Offense

I feel like we did a great job on offense against the 49ers and we moved the ball really well. We did an excellent job of being able to convert on 3rd down in big spots and we were able to work the clock late in the game. We certainly weren’t perfect on offense but I’m really proud with how our offense played.

I’ve also been very impressed with how some of our receivers are developing. Josh Doctson has done a great job for us so far this year. I feel like we are just being able to scratch the surface of what he is going to be able to do as a part of this offense. Ryan Grant had a great game in the second half against San Francisco. We’ve needed a guy like him to step up to the forefront for us. Now that he is in his fourth year he’s got some confidence to go with the tools he has.

We have a great opportunity to play the division leading Eagles on Monday night. It will be a great game against a tough opponent who will be fueled by playing in primetime with a charged home crowd. It is games like this - playing for the top spot in the division against a talented team - that makes you excited to play in this league.

We’re looking forward to the challenge that the Eagles are going to pose. We want to continue to hold ourselves to a high standard as we move through the rest of this season. Expectations like that will push us in our game against the Eagles and all the way through the season.