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Our Team Chemistry

I’ve said all season long that I really like our locker room and I really like our team chemistry and I like the character of the guys. And what I mean by that is when a guy drops a pass, they don’t come off to the sideline and blame other people. They don’t talk about how we need to call better plays. They walk over and they say ‘my fault.’ They have confidence and they say, ‘Hey, I’ll get the next one.’ And that’s where it’s fun to play with guys. 

You play with guys at times who want to blame everybody but themselves, and they never want to take ownership, and that’s where a season can get really long and it’s just not enjoyable to play. 

But you look at Ryan Grant, Josh Doctson, Maurice Harris, Brian Quick, Jamison Crowder: These are classy guys. When they face adversity, they just keep going. And they’re fun to play with. And a couple of them are young players who I think are just gonna keep getting better. A lot of reason for optimism from that standpoint. So I think we’ll be just fine.

Crowder and I have a great relationship. He’s a classy guy. I love playing with him. And we go way back. So I just don’t know that he needs to be coddled; he’s a kind of guy that I know is mentally tough. And I feel good playing with him. And he came back, he came back and made plays for us the rest of the game like he always does.