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One Small Change Made a Vast Improvement in Kirk Cousins Career

If we’ve learned anything from some of the NFL’s biggest players it’s that diet is everything.

Growing up, Kirk Cousins had a fast metabolism. Always being lean for his height, he didn’t put too much thought into maintaining a strict diet. While playing in college his dietary guidelines were not far off from your average student.

“I thought, as long as I didn’t go crazy and have doughnuts at every meal, I could have pizza and burgers and the occasional chocolate milkshake and not see any extra weight,” Cousins recalls, according to The Washington Post.

Now that he’s a starting quarterback in the NFL, Cousins has reevaluated his eating habits from earlier years. He’s now in the same club of other NFL quarterbacks who have drastically overhauled their diets, with the goal of prolonging their careers and preventing injury.

I think they’re all taking a page out of Tom Brady’s book, who is most well known for his healthy, yet strict, eating habits. But Brady isn’t the only one, New Orlean’s Drew Brees avoids gluten, dairy and nuts. While Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers sticks to a 90% vegan diet, eating minimal amounts of lean meat.

“It took the fourth or fifth time hearing, ‘You need to do this,’ and then reading about Drew Brees and Tom Brady and others who are your peers doing it,” Kirk said, as reported in The Washington Post. “I realized, ‘If I want to hang with these guys, then it’s time to stop playing around.”

After undergoing blood work and multiple tests, Cousins confirmed the best diet for him is one that eliminates eggs, dairy and wheat-based foods. His new eating habits consist of mostly poultry, lean beef, fish, and fruits and vegetables, reports The Washington Post.

And the results of this new diet? Kirk has lost 5-10 pounds and feels better than ever. Cousins is on a constant quest to work on his fitness, nutrition and health, hopefully keeping him healthy and playing for many more years to come.