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Kirk to Sean McVay … “I Owe You My Career”

Before Sean McVay officially left Washington to take on his new position as the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, Kirk Cousins stopped by to give him a very special gift. Kirk signed one of his jerseys and left a very special note: “I owe you my career.”

In 2014 when Kirk was backup to Robert Griffin III, McVay was his biggest advocate. The following year McVay’s faith never faltered and ended up playing a large role in the decision to bench Griffin and make Cousins the starter, as reported by The Washington Post.

McVay believed in Cousins and helped give him the opportunity he has today. For that, Kirk is extremely grateful.

“He was our play-caller for my two best seasons in the league. … It’s pretty self-evident why he’s had a big impact on my career,” Cousins said, according to The Washington Post. “He was there calling plays when I was struggling, and didn’t give up on me, encouraged me throughthat process and believed in me. I’m reading Bill Walsh’s book, ‘The Score Takes Care of Itself,’ and Bill says in the book that four of the most powerful words you can say to a player as a coach are, ‘I believe in you.’ Sean said that to me over and over again even when there weren’t many people that did. So, that certainly means a lot.”

That gift from Kirk meant an incredible amount to McVay, so much so that it’s hanging in the theater room in his Los Angeles home. And McVay has nothing but equal admiration for Cousins and Redskins Coach Jay Gruden, saying working with them paved the way for him to become a head coach at the age of 31, says The Washington Post.