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Great Time For A Bye

All things considered, life as a new dad has been going pretty well right now. Julie has done a great job taking care of Cooper and we all have been sleeping pretty well. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from other parents about how hard the first few weeks can be, but so far things have been going great.

I feel incredibly fortunate that our bye week came when it did, especially with Cooper’s arrival. Strictly in the football sense, I would definitely prefer for our bye week to fall later in the season. Having the bye later in the season let’s your body rest from the grind of a physical season. In the grand scheme of things everything worked out perfectly. I took full advantage of the week off to rest, recharge and spend time with my family.

Having Cooper has helped to changed my perspective as a football player. Now when I come home from a tough loss, I feel like the negativity will eat at me a little bit less. Just as much, when I come home from the big win I will realize that what goes on when I’m on the field isn’t such a big deal in the long run. Becoming a dad has helped to make me a better man and in turn that will make me a better man in our locker room.

Our guys are all ready for our game against the 49ers. It will be a strange thing to go against San Francisco and to see Pierre Garcon on the other side of the field. For my first five years in the league, all I knew was being able to throw him the ball. It’ll feel different being at FedEx Field but to see him on the other sideline. As weird as it is to say, that is the reality of this league. Guys are constantly moving on to new teams so they can pursue new opportunities. I’ll be rooting for Pierre all season, I just won’t be rooting as hard for him this week.