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Getting Our Timing Right

There has been such a great atmosphere at training camp, especially after the night practice we had last week. There was electricity in the stands from the moment we opened the doors. The TCO Performance Center has such a good feel to it and the video board really puts it over the top. I think high school kids are really going to enjoy playing there. We look forward to practicing at TCO every chance we get.


I'm really happy with how the timing of our offense is coming together. It is always a work in progress at this time of the year, but I was really pleased with what we did during the “Move the Ball” period of practice. It's basically a period where we play unscripted football and we have to react to each situation. I thought all three groups moved the ball really well. We had a strong showing through the air as well as on the ground.


It has been tough working with so many centers as Pat is out. I know he’ll be back soon and that this is good practice for when injuries happen during the season. It's good for all of us - whether you’re a quarterback, wide receiver, or an offensive lineman - to work with guys down the line of the depth chart. Even if a guy gets cut late in camp, he can still get signed back onto the team later in the season because of injury. Everybody matters and I'm happy to get them involved.


It's a great challenge for us to go against our talented defense everyday in training camp. It really helps us get better, but it's also fun for us to just talk football with them. I love being able to sit with those guys and pick their brains. I try to learn as much as I can from these guys as a way to get better.