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Former Washington Coach Raves About Cousins Before This Week’s Matchup

The Washington Redskins host the 49ers this coming weekend and welcome back former coach Kyle Shanahan, who now holds the head coaching position for the San Francisco.

Shanahan met with the media on Sunday and spoke about his former quarterback, Kirk Cousins, with glowing remarks. Here’s a transcript courtesy of 49ers PR:

Q: What did you like about coaching Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins and what do you admire about him today?

Shanahan: “Just the way he plays the game. He’s a talented guy who works at it. Very tough and accurate and very solid quarterback.”

Q: We talked with him today and his interpretation of the whole 2012, of you guys taking a quarterback at number two was that you would develop him and then possibly trade him down the line. Was that the intent and was that communicated to him that he might end up being trade bait?

Shanahan: “I don’t think that was necessarily it. We thought he was very good, so we thought that eventually could help us. I remember we went into that draft knowing we wanted to take two quarterbacks. After we made the trade we knew who we were going to take with the second pick in the draft. Actually, our goal was, we were going to take Russell Wilson the fourth round knowing what type of offense we were going to run and we wanted to pair some guys with that, but he went before that. And we had Kirk ranked high. He was there in the fourth. He fell that far, so we thought it made a lot of sense for the organization.”

Q: How would you describe his presence at the line of scrimmage?

Shanahan: “Good. Kirk is very poised and pretty locked in in everything he does and plays the position very well.”

Q: Is he playing the position now like you would have had him play it had you guys stayed around there? Just from a style standpoint, what you would ask of him?

Shanahan: “Yes, I believe so. I think he’s been playing pretty consistently for the last few years. He looks, to me, the same way he always has.”

Written by: Ben Faunce