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Everything Is Coming Together

It has been crazy to think of all the things that have gone on since I came to Minnesota 3 months ago. It honestly feels like 3 years when I stop to think about what we have been able to accomplish. I met a ton of new people, forged some strong relationships, learned a new offense, moved to a new city and already bought a house. It has been remarkable to see over just a short time how much my life has changed.


With all of this change, I have been trying to find my place within the leadership of this team. The leadership was already strong after this team made the playoffs last year, but the quarterback position puts you into a leadership role, just by the nature of the position. While it has been hard to find the balance between hanging back and putting myself out there, I’ve tried my best to just be myself. I go out there everyday with a ton of energy and I do my best to be vocal at every opportunity. The guys seem to respond well to that sort of leadership.


I am really excited to lead this offense out on the field when the season starts. Coach Flip is highly organized, so I know that our game plan will always have a lot of attention to detail. He is bringing some of the concepts they ran in Philly into our offense and I am bringing a few things that we ran in Washington. But at the end of the day, it is not like this offense needs a lot of fixing after all the success they had last year. We are just looking to build on the solid foundation that has already been laid.


After getting on the field with our guys I am really excited about our offensive personnel. Stefon Diggs is an excellent wide receiver who tracks the ball as well as anyone I have ever seen. Adam Thielen is a guy who attacks the ball and is aa easy, natural catcher. These guys have taught me a lot and it has been fun being able to learn from each other. I can’t wait to see what we can do in games.


Beyond the on the field stuff I have really enjoyed getting to know my new teammates and just have fun. So far we went to a Wild playoff game, a Twins game, to a Shania Twain concert and to a Kenny Chesney concert. I have loved getting to know the guys and getting to know Minneapolis. I know there are many more great things that are in store for this team and this city.


I’m just focused on being a guy who can help make some of those great things happen