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Adam Thielen details throwing sessions with Kirk Cousins

Adam Thielen has had the best two seasons of his career in his last few with the Minnesota Vikings, but his production has come with a lack of continuity at the quarterback position. Now, as he prepares for his third signal-caller in three seasons after the team signed Kirk Cousins in free agency, he knows that it is going to take all of the extra work they can muster to get on the same page and pick up where the team left off as a Super Bowl contender for 2018 and beyond.

The two, along with Stefon Diggs and free agent signing Kendall Wright, met last month in Atlanta for a bit of an impromptu team-building session, where they worked on their chemistry and ran routes as they continue to feel each other out.

Thielen spoke to the media last week about the work they got in and why it was so important for them to make that happen.

“I think it takes a long time to get on the same page with a quarterback,” Thielen said, via the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “I don’t think people realize how much time and effort goes into that. So, any time you can get extra reps together, the better it is.”

He also revealed that it was not planned exactly, but that it all worked out and that their new franchise quarterback pulled the strings to make it happen.

“Diggs was going out there to visit somebody,” Thielen said. “I was going to be out there to check out a practice round of the Masters. Kirk wanted to get together and meet some of the guys, so it was a great opportunity to be able to throw it around, get to know him and hang out a bit.”

Cousins deal pays him a fully-guaranteed $84 million over three years with that money potentially maxing out to as much as $90 million total. He will receive an additional $2 million for every Super Bowl that the Vikings make, if at all.

This is set to be the ultimate experiment of a quarterback having nearly everything in his favor going for him when plugged into a team and outside of a catastrophic injury, there are not going to be really any excuses to not get the job done with some of the best offensive playmakers in the league and the No. 1 defense in all of football.

Cousins has three full NFL seasons under his belt as the full-time starter and has not missed a game in that span, even making the Pro Bowl in 2016. He has thrown for 16,206 career yards with 99 touchdowns and 55 interceptions while completing just under 66-percent of his passes in his career.

    Source: 247 Sports | Anthony Broome | May 6, 2018