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A Solid First Win

It was a great feeling for us to get into US Bank Stadium for a regular season game. The atmosphere, the fan support and the tradition that the Vikings have is just tremendous. There was a buzz on Sunday inside the stadium. It’s a dream to play here and I’m thankful that this is where I get to call home.


It is even better to know that we were able to start the season off with a win versus the 49ers. It was not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination but I know there are a lot of takeaways, both good and bad, that we can look at and learn from.


I was pleased with how seamless the offense seemed for it being Week 1 but also it being my first game with the Vikings. I certainly had moments that I wish I could have back. I was definitely disappointed with a deep throw I had to Adam Thielen that I left a little short. That could have been an explosive play for us and I didn’t hit him.


We did manage to click on offense quite a bit and I was pleased to see that. San Francisco plays excellent defense and we knew that we would have to play very well to get the win. Their DBs played tight coverage all day so most everything in the passing game had to be flawless. The touchdown play we ran to Stefon came together perfectly. He ran the right route and I was able to drop it in over the coverage for a touchdown.


I am really proud of the way our defense played. I feel like our guys were incredibly disruptive in both the run and pass game. Turning the ball over multiple times was crucial for our win. Harrison played out of his mind all game long. For him to force a fumble on the goal line was a game changer for us. Not only did he help keep points off the board but I think the momentum of that play catapulted us to a win.


There’s a lot to like about what we did on Sunday but now we move on to Week 2. With us heading to Green Bay, there’s little time to sit back. We have to get ready for a talented team that is riding a wave of emotions after their win Sunday night.