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Toughness and Grit

A large part of the loss at Philly on Monday was our performance on third down. We did well on both first and second down so that we could have manageable third downs, but we could not find ways to convert those third downs. With the offense not converting on third down in the first half, we found ourselves constantly giving the ball back to the Eagles. That put us in a hole early in the game that was tough to climb out of.

Every week is its own entity. We’ve gone back to the film to learn from our mistakes on third down and what we can improve. But we have also looked back at the film of our early downs and we see plenty of things that this offense can continue to capitalize on. We have to pair that sort of early down consistency with explosive plays so that we can find a way to win against Dallas this week.

Even with the loss, I’m very proud of the way our offensive line continued to battle all game. We had guys all across the line who were playing hurt or guys were playing as injury replacements for a large chunk of the game. Yet I never heard our guys complain once. They showed the sort of toughness and grit that any football player would want to have.

Monday night was tough for me as I found out about the passing of my grandmother as we boarded the plane for Philadelphia. I was very close to her and saw her every week when I was growing up. Even though she was 85, we were all shocked to know she had passed so suddenly. She lived a full, long life and we take comfort in the beauty of the gospel knowing that she is in heaven and we will see her again. Thank you to so many of you guys who sent encouraging words and prayers our way. We are blessed to be a part of the Redskins family.