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People Who Know, Know

I had a former coach who said to me as I was kind of coming up in the league, he would say, ‘Kirk, people who know, know'. 

What he meant by that was, if you understand quarterbacking, understand what it takes to play quarterback in this league, it really isn’t a debate about can you play, can you make the fourth-quarter plays, can you make the throws, can you bring us back, are you the guy. People who know, know. It’s the people who don’t know, and don’t get it, that I think have those conversations and have those debates. I’m not going to kind of waste my time or my energy worrying about people who don’t know football and what they’re saying. I do believe that people who know, know, and if a fourth quarter drive like that to win the game helps some people who don’t get football to be able to come around, then so be it, but those aren’t the people I’m trying to win over at the end of the day.

Sean McVay used to tell me that as I was trying to make my way. He would say, you know, people are going to doubt, people are going to have their opinions, but the people who know, know, and you don’t really need to worry about anybody else. Just stay the course.