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I Love Our Locker Room

Coming into this season there has been a lot of talk in the media about my contract and future with the Redskins. People say that a situation like this is going to be a distraction for me but most of my football career has gone like this. I wasn’t the 5-star recruit in high school with 20 college scholarship offers in my sophomore year. In college I wasn’t a Heisman finalist or a consensus All-American. In every year of my football career I have never had things completely mapped out. Over these years I’ve been able to  learn to put my faith and trust in the Lord as things move forward. I’m looking forward to going all in with the season ahead.

Last season did not go like we wanted as a team, but a season like that will keep you humble and hungry. No one on this team is content, nobody is entitled and nobody can rest on what happened last year. It gives us a sense of urgency so that all of us can play as well as we can.

We’ve put some good pieces together on offense for us to have a good year. All our offensive line is returning so you obviously feel good about that. This group has a great chemistry and that’s going to be a key part for us moving forward. The run game looks good with us having a group of versatile backs to keep the ball moving. I’m also excited about us adding Terrelle Pryor to our team. He’s a receiver with a rare blend of size and the ability to get separation.

I love our locker room. We’ve got a good group of guys on this team. They’re not about themselves - they are about the group and I love that. I’m excited about the group we have and I could not ask for better. There’s a lot of reasons to be excited about the upcoming season and I can’t wait to get out there with our team.